Operation: Simplify

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We have too much stuff.

More books than bookshelves.

More DVDs than storage.

More clothes than closet.

More tchotchkes than surfaces.

And yes, even more shoes than we need.

I've decided, inpsired partly by my current scrapping challenge (more on that later), that it's time for our house to purge and simplify.

I've invited my mom over next Sunday to remove *half* the clothes from my closet… I got rid of the stuff that didn't fit a while back, but there's still just too much. I need to start getting rid of things that still technically fit, but that I don't wear or just don't need.
Because I have so many clothes, I can easily go three or more weeks before needing to do laundry… a pile of three weeks' worth of laundry is way daunting and is why I have so much trouble keeping on top of it. I figure that by removing half the items from the equation, I'll have to do laundry more often, keeping our room more organized and (hopefully) clutter under control.

After our room is “fixed” (I'm hoping to get Jamie to do his clothes as well… with his diet going so well, he's got lots of clothes that don't quite fit anymore! LOL) I am planning to move onto the guest room… this will eventually be future baby's nursery, so anything I can do now to get it under control is good. That room has basically been a dumping ground for all the “stuff” we don't have a home for, and it's starting to show. I want to get rid of a lot of the books that are in there (I'm planning on joining Paperback Swap.com to get rid of some and bring in some stuff we might actually *want* to read.)

I'm a little leery of doing a big scrap supply purge, since I've been scrapping so much and shopping is verboten. I've got some stuff I know I can rid of (albums, several inches of paper I'll just never use, the random things I've collected with plans to alter them and never gotten around to, that kind of thing…) but overall I don't want to do the huge kind of clear-out I did about 18 months ago. I've been doing OK with keeping the office under control, but I think I can really get it in good shape in an afternoon or so. The closet in the office, OTOH, will be a project in and of itself… lots of old computer junk and assorted crap and I've just never really tried to get the whole thing organized.

That covers the three rooms upstairs; the bathroom and little cabinet we have up there won't take long at all… I might even be able to get Jamie to finish the baseboards up in the hallway, which we've never gotten around to doing in almost three years.

Downstairs gets cleaned the most… the downstairs closet is kind of a mess, but otherwise it could be a lot worse. I do need to tackle the wicker chest in the living room and give everything a good dusting. I've still got a couple of empty frames in the living room, so I'll get pics in those, and we should be in good shape!

I hate hate hate how disorganized my life and home has become… I'm not a naturally organized person; my natural inclination isn't to put dinner dishes directly in the dishwasher, I'm much more likely to put them in the sink and leave them until I get fed up, run out of dishes or they start to stink (Eew!)

I am trying to fix these things that I don't like about myself… I'm fully aware that when my house is clean, I feel more in control of *everything* in my life. I know that I am the only one who has the power to fix these things.

I'm hoping that by putting this all out there, by getting it down in writing, I'll stick to it. Only time will tell!

As for an update on my scrapbook spending… I'm still in the clear! I managed to resist the new Making Memories Noteworthy line, Basic Grey chipboard books, American Crafts letter stickers AND Maya Road trims and new albums! Next week'll be hard too, with the new shipment of Thickers coming in… I'm out of vowels on a couple of my colors, so expect to see more of that random font look on my pages! LOL

…and I think this might be my longest blog post ever! LOL

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  1. wow! cheers to you and your plan of ridding of the *c…*! i’m all about proofing the house again…baby style. i know what you mean, the less clutter, the less weighted i feel!

    and speak your mind girl, this is YOUR BLOG afterall!

  2. too funny! that was us a week ago till we had a rummage – have a rummage – totally worth the time. πŸ™‚ PS- i love your blog title, made me laugh

  3. Good luck with the organizing! I am an organizing freak. I even do my friends’ houses, that’s how good AND bad I am πŸ™‚
    It makes it all so much easier. Keep it up.

  4. I feel the same way…my life has seemed cray busy and yesterday I vowed that tonight I was going to get my house clean and back in order so I can enjoy my weekend!

    Good Luck on the closets!

  5. Good luck on your mission, it is an effort but so good to recylce & share your good stuff with others who might need it.

  6. oh I can so relate to your post!! I have been doing the samething at my house..4 kids collect alot of crap!!!

    good luck

  7. DIBS!


    I’ll help any way I can. You know that, right? Just call! Heck, Jas is even working Overtime the next few Sundays. Maybe I’ll join The Mama to help!

  8. Yes that is the longest blog ever! Have you ever tried Flylady (you can look her u on the web). She is a little intense but there is purging info and emails you can get to keep you on track.

    Good job on the scrapbook budget! I succumbed to the AC letter stacks but I did need some more (I guess).

  9. okay, i know you wrote your longest blog ever, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to write anymore! give me something to read while i pretend to work πŸ˜‰

  10. Thanks to reading this earlier in the week I joined PaperBackSwap.com and have already sent out 8 books! What an awesome site!! I also donated a huge bag of other books to the library and brought some to work for people there. I’ve got a new man in my life who is gung ho on helping me get organized…I needed him in so many ways!!

  11. Seriously, I’m so with you on this. My house is a disaster. My mom came over and did a weeks’ worth of dishes on Monday. And my scrap room has to become a nursery. HUGE purge coming up.

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