Opening Day!

OK, so I'm like a week late on this post. So kill me! I've been busy. *shrug*
Took lots of photos, here are a few of my faves…

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It's been raining forEVER around here, but apparently God is a Giants fan, because we were blessed with a *gorgeous* day!

Really couldn't ask for more! And the rain was actually a bonus, since it washes all the smog and crap out of the air! So nice, so perfectly California!

I always feel like a dork, but I keep my hood up when the top's down to keep my poor ponytail from becoming a total disaster. I look a little like a happy Unibomber here!

The Hugh Jass flag that pretty much *covered* the outfield!

Introducing the players; Barry got a standing ovation that lasted several minutes and ended with chanting of his name… “Barry! Barry!”

I love that they actually put bunting up all over the ball park! It feels so… well, American! LOL

I'm sure that a sellout is a sellout, but there just seemed to be so. many. people! It was awesome!

The first of how many intentional walks this season? Barry ended up with 2 before the game was over.

Who says scrapbook supplies aren't versatile? I used the little paper posies from my Chatterbox Embellishment kit to decorate my ponytail! LOL (I found them while cleaning my scrap room, and couldn't resist! They're just… so… orange!)

I couldn't believe this, so I had to snap a pic. No real reason, except shock value.

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  1. Bout time you posted opening day photos! I’ve only been to two…one year I even went to a Sharks game after going to the Giants home opener! Looking forward to more baseball stuff.

  2. Sweet stadium!!
    There were parking lots here (Boston) that were $90 yesterday on Opening Day. Unbelieveable!!!

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