OK, I lied.

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Last week was *not* the last vocab update!

Max has recently started putting multiple words together to better communicate what he's trying to say!

Here was our exchange a couple of weeks ago with him asking for water. (I'm in italics)
“What do you say?”
“Please what?”
“Water what? Water please?”
“More what? More water please?”
And then I hand him the cup of water.
“Thank you!”

Today, that same exchange, that we've had a million times just like the above, went like this:
“Yes, Max?”
“Mommy water?”
“Water what?”
“More water please”
Hand him the water
“Thank you Mommy”

He's really quite polite, I must say! He's great with please and thank you (and now, sometimes, “Thanks”) He is constantly saying “Excuse me” (Skoo0-me!) to people as we pass them in the aisles at the grocery store. But the highlight the other day was when Jamie sneezed and he said “Bless you, Daddy!” Cutest. Moment. Ever. Of course, we both reacted and Max now blessed us every time we sneeze (or cough or sniffle or blow noses or…) But DANG it's adorable!

We've tried explaining to him that random, sneeze-free blessing of people might make some people mistake him for a priest, but he just keeps right on doing it, and we don't really mind!

Seriously; I highly recommend sneezing next time you see him!

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