Copycat Oga’s Obsession like at the Cantina

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When we made our first trip to Galaxy's Edge almost a year ago, visiting Oga's Cantina was one of the highlights, but it wasn't just about the drinks, but the atmosphere and then this dessert that I haven't been able to forget… Oga's Obsession. It's actually really easy to duplicate it at home, but you can totally make it your own with different flavors and textures.

Before we get into the instructions, I have a confession to make: I know this doesn't look delicious. I'm actually not thrilled with how the photos turned out, but I do love the snack itself and Max LOVED that we could make our own spin on Oga's Obsession. If you try this out, please do tag me if you share on Facebook or Instagram! I'd love to see!

About Oga's Cantina

While it's not “the” Cantina from the movies, Oga's absolutely gives you the feel of being at that one on Tatooine. You can order a drink and a snack, and just relax and get out of the heat of the rest of the land. It's also the only spot inside Disneyland that you can get a real cocktail. (Not counting Club 33. Don't @ me!)

If you're looking for a more comprehensive review of the Oga's Cantina experience, Cam over at Big Crazy Life has a great post all about it.

When we visited last year, we made reservations and were very excited for our chance to hang out! We ordered a round of drinks for the three of us, plus something that sounded interesting, a “Provision” according to the menu:

We weren't sure what to expect, but were fascinated by what our server brought to us a few moments later.

It. Was. Delicious. The popping pearls bring a really interesting texture to the gelatin, and the popping candy and other goodies on top were all interesting and made this fun to eat.

The original was made with lemonade flavored gel, which you could absolutely recreate with unflavored gelatin and lemonade, but we wanted to put our own spin on it, so we used different flavors.

How to make Oga's Obsession

First up, you'll want to gather your ingredients; the fun thing here is that you can do whatever flavors and accents you want, so it's just the way you want it!

The hardest part of this whole thing will probably be the serving dish. I used some little bowls I happen to have, but ideally it would be served in something more like a petri dish, so the boba doesn't sink to the bottom and get hard to see. They're also inexpensive enough that I'd probably spring for them if I were making this for a party or something.

Get your bowls set up and using a slotted spoon or a fork, dish some boba into each dish. If you let too much syrup get in the dish it'll make your gelatin cloudy, so be sure to let it drain well!

Once you've put boba in all of the dishes, you're ready to add the gelatin! I recommend mixing up your gelatin in a large measuring cup so that you have a pour spout when you go to put the gel in the dishes.

Carefully put your dishes in the refrigerator to set for about one hour.

After an hour, take the dishes out of the fridge to add the toppings. By not waiting until the gelatin is totally set, the accents you add won't just sit right on top, but they'll sink in just a hair so they hold in place.

Put your dishes back in the refrigerator to finish setting, then remove from the fridge and enjoy!

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