Off with his… HAIR!

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Jamie made the announcement about a month ago that Max needed a haircut. I disagreed, but when we started getting “crazy hippy” jokes from our friends, I finally agreed and decided to get it cut “around Christmas” Back before Thanksgiving, that seemed like forever away, but then, as so often happens, time caught up with me and there was no more denying it; the kid needed a haircut.
Max and I were home alone the day after Christmas, and I finally gathered up my nerves and started calling places to make a same-day appointment for the big trim. I called FIVE different places that specialize in kids cuts, and to my dismay, they were ALL closed for the long weekend!
Finally, about an hour after deciding to do it, I finally got a call back from Shirley at Shear Adventures in Danville. She did a wonderful job, and Max was a CHAMP! He was more interested in the fishing toy in his lap than what was going on with his hair, and he even let Sheila usethe clippers on him! Neither of us cried, which I'm happy to report, and I LOVE Max's new look!

A couple of “Before” pictures, preserving those baby wisps forever…

Shirley, doing her thing, and Max doing his!

Enjoying his post-trim root beer Dum Dum… I wasn't wild about the pompadour thing he had going on, but am overall thrilled with the results!

A couple of pictures from the next morning, after a bath and “style” by mommy! He looks so much older now! *sniff*

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