Off on a great adventure…

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I'm doing something that you're never supposed to do! I'm flying off to another state to spend several days with a bunch of strangers. Even worse, we'll be in a far-off cabin, 2 hours from civilization! (Well, Phoenix…)
And I'm thrilled!
I'm going to Arizona today to meet up with 20 of my dearest online friends! These are girls I've known for several years, and I can't believe I'll be having dinner and hanging out with them tonight. Tonight!
My dad actually approves… he's been active in online communities for years (like 15 of them! Since back in the old BBS days) and understands that you *can* form real and true relationships on the Net.
My mom thinks I'm crazy, but stopped giving me a hard time when I reminded her that no one is going to steal my kidneys… and if they do, ha on them! LOL
So anyway, I'll be home on Sunday…TTYL!

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  1. Don’t think you are crazy at all! I flew all the way to Kansas City once by myself to watch minor league hockey. I knew ONE person there and had only talked to her on the phone several times. I had a blast! Can’t wait to hear about your meeting of new friends.

  2. you’re here and now we’re never letting you go home! sorry Jamie, tough beans. She’s allowed visitation rights–you can come here to see her 🙂

  3. No lectures from me either, because I jetted off to Vegas with several on-line friends I’d never met.

    I hope you have a fantastic time!

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