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I am NOT naked in this video. I need to stop wearing this dress for video and photos! But it's SO comfy!

And if you want to see them, here are the ones I actually made a few weeks ago 🙂

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  1. I love love love homemade Oreos. Wait I think you brought them in to work. Not so good thinking you made them naked tho even tho I know you “claim” to not be. . .

  2. HYSTERICAL! I am a HUGE fan of Oreos….but my heart health and waistline say I have to indulge wisely – and infrequently. I could wax poetic on the magic that is the Oreo, but I think you pretty much nailed it!

  3. This is great…I agree, any way is the best way — just as long as you’re eating them 😉

    For some reason the ones at halloween and Christmas are the most delicious to me. Something about that food dye that makes them especially good.

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