#NoBloPoMo 2: Rainy day edition

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It's raining , it's pouring, Californians are so freaking excited we can't even handle it.
For years now, we've been all

Because forever, it's been like

And then today, it's finally like

Of course, the commuters have all turned into idiots since the last time it rained, so traffic will be terrible and we'll be all

I am going to walk Max to school this morning and he'll be all

But I'll be fine, as long as I don't forget my

Stay safe out there, friends! We need this!

This post was inspired by Vikki's Drafts folder. Go read the stuff that gets out of her Drafts folder over at her blog, Up Popped a Fox.

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  1. Ha! Too funny. Umbrella is a song I cannot stop singing once it’s in my head, so I won’t be watching that one. 😉

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