The next generation of Chromebook

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When tablet computers first arrived on the market, I was unconvinced. I already had a laptop, so I didn't quite see the appeal of something that looked like Judy Jetson's school notebook.

That is, until I used one.

As the capabilities of technology grow, they also shrink, and now these thin, light tablet-style computers are fully functional machines that can outpace the top-of-the-line desktops of yesteryear.

Enter the Google Pixelbook, the new high-performance Chromebook.

The Pixelbook comes with an array of amazing features, both ones that you've come to expect and some new ones to check out!

Pixelbook Specs

First off, it's only 10.3 mm thick! Google's thinnest laptop ever, it features a 360 degree rotateable touchscreen and lighttweight aluminum construction.

You can sketch or edit photos, work in the GSuite apps you already love, and it does it all with amazing battery life.

Pixelbook Features

Built-in Google Assistant brings the voice commands of your Google Home device to your computer. “OK, Google. This is cool.” Enjoy on-or-offline access to movies and TV shows with apps like Google Play Movies and YouTube Red.

The Pixelpen1: Available as an additional accessory, this smart, responsive stylus brings the capabilities of handwriting and sketching to technology.

Pixelbook Security

The Pixelbook runs the Chrome operating system, giving you unparlalled security for your data, and it will automatically update in the background, making it seamless for you.

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