Never stop making us laugh. Or happy dancing.

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Dear Max,

You have been making us laugh, cry and laugh until we cry for five whole years now.

You absolutely have gotten your daddy's class clown genes, and aren't afraid to show them!

You revel in the attention that acting silly gets you; and when it's appropriate, I am your biggest fan.

We went to Tmax-dancearget the other night, after your birthday party… our amazing friends spoiled you for sure, and we had to exchange a couple of things.

You knew your dollar limit, and had some ideas of what you wanted. (It basically went like this: ANGRY BIRDS! STAR WARS! THOMAS! LEGO! HOT WHEELS! ANGRY BIRDS! STAR WARS! ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS!) and when you turned the corner on that aisle and saw your dream toy?

Your reaction alone was worth the price of admission (In this case, the $6 more than your budget really allowed) Because honestly, I'd pay WAY more than $6 to get this sort of performance!

You are such a joy, kiddo.

You tackle everything with an energy level that I can't even comprehend, whether it's speed-brushing your teeth WHILE singing your ABCs, or waiting so impatiently for the asparagus you had at dinner make your pee stinky.

Everything matters 100%.

So happy 5th birthday, my beautiful boy. Now will you please just enjoy being five and STOP talking about how you can't wait to be six?

Let's just enjoy it, OK?

I love you the most,


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