Never Forget

In memory.
I hadn't planned to write a post for this terrible anniversary, but I can't let it pass by unacknowledged either. Ten years since the world changed. My Max has never known different. While I don't still cringe every time a plane flies overhead at what feels like an odd angle, things that have forever changed.

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We used to greet our loved ones right at the airplane's gate. Angry gunmen were misunderstood loners, not potential splinter cells. A “Terror Alert” was something on a haunted house, not the news.

Max has never seen a world where the US felt largely untouched by terror.

I didn't personally lose anyone on that horrible day, but in 2006, I took part in something called the 2,996 Project, which set out to have each and every victim memorialized online. I was assigned a young man named Mohammad Salman Hamdani, and I invite you to remember him for just a moment, and learn something about him in my original post, found here.

In the meantime, I keep the victims, their families, and all of us, in my prayers.
A prayer for understanding, a prayer for tolerance, a prayer for peace.

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  1. What an awesome tribute you gave to him 🙂 How sad that he was suspected when he really was just a selfless assistant. I do miss meeting loved ones at the gate… and other things that have changed since and because.

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful day tomorrow 🙂

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