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We had a weird night the other night; Max has always (knock on wood) slept like a champ. Since about a month after he came home, with only a few exceptions, he's gone to bed at 7:30pm and woken at 7am.
The other night, we put him to bed like always, and I headed to bed at the same time, to watch some TV… after about an hour, I heard some noise coming from Max's bedroom.
Not angry or sad noise, just noise. It was like a party, and Max was the only guest. “Blah blah blah squeal blah blah giggle” is all I heard. Jamie crept up to the door to listen, and Max was just babbling happily away.
He quieted down, and I heard it again about an hour later, so it's now pushing 10pm. “Babble babble blah blah” He's not saying anything, doesn't sound like he's in distress, he just isn't sleeping and doesn't feel like being quiet. No biggie!
Then I remembered back to when Faith was little and about this age; her sleep would always get crazy when she was on the verge of a big developmental milestone. Their little brain is learning so much and getting ready to do such amazing things, they can't shut it off for bedtime!
Sure enough, we've had a language explosion since that weird night, including his first sentence, stringing more than 2 words together to express a thought!

The “unfortunate” thing, and the reason for the title of this post is exactly what his first sentence is! It's “I don't want it” It's more like “I no want it” but there's no question what he's saying!

I'm seriously losing track, he has so many words now! But here's the ones I can think of: Please, thank you, no way, kitty, cookie, cracker, chicken, phone, remote, kapooter (computer), water, milk, sippy, hey look

He also mimics a lot more words; he'll at least try almost any word, if you say it a couple of times at him, he'll at least try it. I got him to say “Facebook” earlier tonight! LOL

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  1. You forgot to mention, "oh MAN!" when he drops something, replacing the earlier "oh SH*T." Also, when we ask him if he wants a cookie, he nods vigorously and says, "o-KAY!"

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