Need help again please!

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You can tell I'm happier with these ones than the last ones! LOL
There are many more to choose from!
So, which one do *you* think I should use for my brochures and other marketing stuff?
I'm a bit concerned that my Scrapper's Eye is taking over and the ones I like the most might not be appropriate, KWIM? So please, be totally honest!


This one is *so* not in contention, I just think it's funny… I look like I'm about ready to kill someone! So that's my not happy with you face. Taken right in between the cute smiley ones! Go figure! LOL

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  1. Another vote for #2!

    Don’t you hate trying on glasses?? I can’t see myself so I don’t know if I look ok!!

    Enjoy your blog..thanks!

  2. I like #2 and #3 as well, you are talking instead of the ones in teal, right?

    While I think those were good, I do like this set instead.

    And, bwahahahahahaa on the staring one. Snerk.

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