We all need to be #BeTheSolution to domestic violence

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I guess you could say I was “lucky” because he never hit me.
I remember the day, in a fit of rage, he threw a coffee mug across the room, and as it smashed into the wall and pieces fell to the floor, I wondered what would happen if he did.
But I was young, only 22 years old, and was afraid to admit that my marriage was a failure.
The marriage lasted less than a year after that; and I still wasn't the one who left. He was.

Even though I was one of the “lucky” ones, it taught me that domestic violence is a conversation that needs to happen. It cannot be a taboo subject, that's whispered about behind closed doors.

Those who are being abused need to know that there is support for them if they decide to leave. The conversation needs to be brought into our living rooms and workplaces.

This is how we can each help #BeTheSolution to ending domestic violence.

We need to end it because these statistics are terrifying:


Look at these numbers. 40% of women in California will experience violence or abuse; 40%. Think about it. Picture ten moms in your child's classroom, or ten co-workers. FOUR of them will experience violence.

This isn't OK, and we all need to work together to #BeTheSolution.

What can you do?

Take a #BeTheSolution photo, sharing how you can help. You can join the #BeTheSolution campaign by uploading your own photo to Blue Shield of California Foundation's Facebook page, you can read the BSCF President’s message about the #BeTheSolution campaign. You can TALK ABOUT IT.

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It's up to all of us. We need to raise our children to know that violence isn't the answer, to equip them with the tools they need.

Because with all of us working together, we can end domestic violence.

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  1. Of course domestic violence is terrible and everything should be done to prevent and stop it from happening, BUT I had no idea about the health risks attached to being a victim (stroke, heart disease, asthma)! My mouth literally dropped open. This is a wonderful campaign. Thank you for sharing this information.

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