#NaBloPoMo 8: Brussels Sprouts

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Max is a pretty easy going guy in a lot of ways, but of all the ways, the thing I'm most thankful for is his adventurous eating. There are very few things he doesn't eat, and every time he tries something new, I'm grateful.

I grew up a picky eater, and it was a struggle and embarrassment for many years.

I didn't like lettuce, or tomatoes. Or seafood of any kind, or onions in any form. I wouldn't touch mustard or hot sauce of any kind. I hated cabbage and spinach. In short, I didn't eat a whole lot of things, and it always caused problems.

I constantly had to customize food orders, or pick things off my burger. It was a pain in the butt, but just something I accepted about myself.

When Jamie and I started dating in 2003, I was more than a little concerned to learn that the restaurant of choice for his family was The Fish Market; concerned about what I'd eat for family gatherings, I made a decision.

I had to start eating seafood. Clearly.

I was so timid at first; breaded and fried shrimp or fish and chips, then I moved on to pan-fried tilapia. From there, it wasn't a far leap to grilled mahi mahi, and I have since tried snapper, scallops, lobster and halibut. I still can't do salmon though.

Adding in seafood opened me up to a whole world of options: I now eat lettuce and onions, and mustard and hot sauce. It was a conscious decision though, and something that I've had to make an effort to do.

There are still some things I don't eat. I don't care for avocado, and mushrooms squick me out. I'm making progress though; I made a shepherd's pie and included mushrooms in the filling and ate them then. So baby steps, I'll get there eventually.

We had tri-tip and brussels sprouts for dinner, and hearing Max exclaim “YAY! Brussels sprouts are my favorite!” made me realize also just how far *I* have come in my eating.

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  1. I love Brussels sprouts, and it took me learning how to cook ’em to do so. But nobody else eats them in my house. Which means i eat them alllll.

    And seafood is my ‘no-way’ food, but I do think I’ve grown some, too. Love that you are recognizing it through your kiddo.

  2. My son will try most anything, but my daughter is VERY particular. The list of foods she won’t eat is far longer than what she will eat. I was the same way, though, so I’m hoping she’ll grow out of it.

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