My current fashion must-have: Toms booties

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I admit it, I'm a bit of shoe freak. Jamie thinks I'm weird, I think I'm about average.
This isn't all of them:
shoecollectionBut for me, shoes aren't just about covering my feet. I have shoes that hold memories for me; the Chucks Jamie bought me as a “welcome to your third trimester!” gift, the Manolos I wore to our wedding. The Birkestocks I've had since high school (yes, seriously) and the orange-heeled platforms I wore for my turn on stage with Listen To Your Mother last year.

I will often get obsessed with a pair of shoes and wear them several times a week for a while, trying out different ways of styling them, under the guise of “breaking them in”

And I'm currently obsessed with these Suede Wedge Booties from Toms.

favorite shoes toms wedgesThey are the perfect shoe for so many different outfits! I love them with colored tights and a dress, with jeans, or even just with a bare leg.

They're cute, they're comfortable, and I will always be a fan of Tom's One for One movement.

Part of why I'm so drawn to these is because it's a real challenge to find a wedge heel that *doesn't* include a platform as well. My height is well-documented here. I love an inch or two heel, because it completes an outfit, but I don't also need a giant platform to put me from freakishly tall to OMG-did-you-see-her-I-think-my-face-barely-comes-up-to-her-elbow tall.

shoedanceI constantly find myself lusting over other designs of these booties… they come in tons of colors, and other fabric choices, and they even come in  burlap with a rope wedge.

What do you think? Will you rock the bootie this spring?

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  1. Having just tried their flats-yes, yes I will. I can totally relate to this “OMG-did-you-see-her-I-think-my-face-barely-comes-up-to-her-elbow tall.” That’s me too.

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