Move Over, Nutella!

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There's a new kid in town!

I've been having an affair with Nutella for many years (seriously… like, approaching 30) ever since our exotic French cousin, Nathalie, came to live with us for a year when I was six. Nutella is delicious on toast, on pretzels, on apples, on a spoon. *drool*

Oh, sorry.

Anyway, I've loved Nutella as an alternative to toast for a long time. Until now.

Meet Biscoff spread. Our family went on a litlte adventure day in San Francisco last week, and ended up in a coffee shop at Pier 39 that served Biscoff cookies with every drink. I snapped into that delightful little cookie and swooned. I can't say for sure that I'd ever had one of these cookies before, but the taste is very familiar. Like a sweeter graham cracker maybe? (I'm terrible at describing flavors)

And then I saw this spread, claiming to be the cookies in a spread format. Once again, I swoon.

Sorry, Nutella, you're no longer my go-to dip the spoon in a jar snack. Biscoff has taken that honor.

I've heard some things about cookie butter at Trader Joe's, but haven't tried it… it might be just like this. I have no idea, and I'll probably have to buy some of that too, you know, for science's sake.

So where was I? Right Biscoff on a spoon. It's bliss. Pure and absolute bliss. It's wonderful and I can't possibly imagine it being any more delicious… huh? What's that?

Oh. Hello, Nutella AND Biscoff!

I'm doomed.

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  1. Once again I’m so thankful I can’t eat either of these since they both have Palm Oil in them (well the Trader Joe Cookie Butter one does.) I would be afraid I would love it too much if I could eat it!

    1. I’ll check the Biscoff’s for you when I get home! I think you might be right though, because I think I might have noticed it when I was eating it with a spoon, directly out of the jar reading the label.

  2. I should have never opened this one today… never….

    I love Nutella. I love the Biscoff cookies… and now they have a creamy spread. :::sigh::: Hello 20lbs I just lost…. “nice” to see you back again.

  3. Have you found it closer than the city? Otherwise you’ll have to get me some and we’d be forced to meet up! Sounds so good:)

    1. I’ll see if I can find it.. Maybe at Cost Plus or something? I also believe it’s very similar to Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter…

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