Moons over my bacony?

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I love Denny's.
In high school, when I worked at the movie theater, we used to go to Denny's after work and stay there all night.
Till 3 or 4 in the morning, drinking coffee and chain smoking.
I don't think I ever ordered much more than fries, but damn, were we cool!
Jamie hates Denny's.
I can never get him to go with me, so I have to go alone.
I go there for breakfast sometimes, on my way to work, if I think I'll be having a crappy day.
I always order the same thing. Coffee and Moons, sub bacon. Crispy hash browns.
Moons Over My Hammy is a Denny's institution. Scrambled eggs, cheese and ham (hence the “Hammy” part of them name.) It's grilled and greasy and YUMMY.
Except the ham. Don't like the ham.
So once I ordered it with bacon instead.
Heaven. Utopia in golden brown bread.
But I always feel weird when I order it; “Moons Over my… um… can I get bacon instead of ham?”
But I get over my weirdness just as soon as that goodness arrives on my table.
*sigh* There's a reason breakfast is my favorite meal!

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