Monterey Bay Aquarium

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Jamie and I went to the Aquarium about 4 years ago, and just missed seeing the Great White by a few days (the Great Whites they have in captivity are rescues… they release them back into the wild as soon as they stop doing well) so as soon as we heard they had a new Great White, we made plans to head down ASAP! (And the amazing seahorse exhibit as been in the back of my mind for months!)
The Aquarium is spectacular… it never fails to amaze me! I'll let the photos tell most of the story, since they're so cool!

I'd never noticed the baby play area before! There are fish tanks at crawler level, and a giant waterbed/trampoline play thing… Max had a blast!

I can see the scrapbook page for this one already… stay tuned!

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  1. I think we were there the day after you maybe?…I blogged my photos just the other day too. That kelp forest is amazing, huh? I got a pretty good pic of the great white too! It was so amazing to see her up close…Jaws style!! buahahhaa 🙂

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