May 17, 2010

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That was the day I set off on the road to a new and improved me.

I made the haircut appointment, and that set off a bunch of other changes.

At home, we're high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) free. This actually started a couple of months ago, when I first started looking at labels, but it hasn't been as difficult as I thought it would be. It turns out that by shopping as much as we do at Trader Joe's, we weren't stewing in the stuff anyway. The only drawback to that is that I haven't seen the amazing 10 lb weight loss sort of things that friends have, when they've cut it out. We've changed the ketchup we buy, but that was really the only thing we've had to change!

Control the clutter. Jamie and I are NOT neat people by default; our homes/apartments have always been on the verge of too packed with stuff. The accumulation is out of control, and it's something that's been bothering us for a while, and we're finally taking some real steps to change it! My sister and I had a garage sale last weekend, and are having another one this weekend… Jamie has been super helpful in getting stuff cleaned up, and even spent a chunk of his Father's Day afternoon cleaning out our bedroom (which desperately needed it!) With every carload of junk I clear out, I feel a little freer. I can't wait to be done!

No soda. I had a 40-60 oz. a day Diet Coke habit. Seriously. The Baja Fresh across my office has a 32 oz. sport cup that you buy for $3 and then can refill for 99¢… I'd drink 2 of them most days, not to mention hitting up the Mickey D's or Burger King drive thru on my way home to get another one.

Which brings me to the next one.

No fast food. When I'd hit the drive thru for my soda, more often than not I'd get a cheeseburger or some chicken nuggets. “Just as a snack” No more.

For the record, I don't count Subway/Quiznos as fast food for the purposes of this ban. I need some sort of inexpensive, quick food option for when I'm out and about, and I think that's probably the best that's out there.

No more jeans to work.
It's nice working in a casual office environment, especially since I don't actually see clients, but I was feeling like I was taking the casual thing too far, making zero effort in looking nice from day to day, not to mention the fabulous shoes and darling accessories collecting dust in my closet and jewelry box! With my short haircut, I'd enjoy it so much! I've always liked looking at necklaces and earrings in the store, and I love how bracelets look on other people, but I never wore them myself. I've got some gorgeous silver pieces my mother-in-law gave me, so it's been nice having things to choose from, already in my box! I've found I actually do like bracelets, and I can't wait to get some more!

A friend has suggested, a couple of times actually, that I start a blog to chronicle what I wear every day… I don't know. Would you read it?

So that's what's going on with me! I guess it's kind of a midlife crisis of sorts… I've decided that I wasn't 100% happy with some things in my life, so I'm doing what I can to change those things.

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  1. LOL I would read it! I am not sure i have ever even spoke to you on 2Peas LOL I think I first took interest when you got your tattoo on Miami Ink. LOL That was years ago. I feel like I 'know' you, Max and your DH weird huh? I love seeing Max grow on Thursdays! Seems stalkerish LMAO

  2. If it helps you avoid the soda: $3.00 for 32 oz of soda comes to 9.375¢ per ounce, or $12.00 per gallon. Yeah, that soda you were buying cost 4 TIMES the price of gasoline. That's even worse than those $1.25 bottles from the vending machine. ($8.00 a gallon; do some very simple math.) It's crazy. You've made not just a smart health decision, but a smart financial decision.

    Food (or drink) for thought.

  3. Inspiring, to say the least. Helps keep me on my path to stay healthy. Loved the camping photos too. Great blog!

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