Max the Mermaid Boy

Or, How Not to Put on Pants

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Max got these pajamas from his Auntie Wendy for Christmas, and because he has no butt, the 2T bottoms are a little large for him. It doesn't keep him from loving his “raccoon jammies” though, so we let him wear them.
Apparently at some point last night, they fell down and he got chilly enough to put the back on himself… this is the result!
He, unlike so many others, doesn't actually need to put his pants on “one leg at a time”

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  1. When my daughter was in Kindergarten I picked her up after her full day (8-2:50) and noticed she was walking a little funny. When I watched her try and step into the car it all became clear and I couldn't stop laughing….

    She had put both legs in one leg hole of her skort. No one noticed all day although her teacher later told me she looked really uncomfortable when they were in circle time. :o)

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