8 Halloweens, 7 DIY costumes…

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We've managed to make Max's costumes every year except one; here are all of his Halloweens so far…
Halloween 2008
2008: Max from Where the Wild Things Are
A one piece pajama with a hood, I sewed fun foam clawn onto his toes, a feather boa tail, and a foam
and feather boa crown. He carried his Wild Thing toy, and voila.

Halloween 20092009: Li'l Evel Knievel
Our first foray into serious crafting; Jamie made his paper maché helmet (just a tad too small) and I also made a cape that I don't, unfortunately, have a picture of. 🙁 He also wore blue rainboots that I stuck red stars onto. This was all inspired by that jacket, which I'm pretty sure was a hand-me-down from someone.

Halloween 20102010: SF Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum
The Giants were kicking butt in the playoffs, and would go on to win the World Series for the first time ever in San Francisco. I made the shirt with an iron on transfer I cut on my Cricut, and the back looked like a jersey with a note “Shown actual size,” as a nod to Timmy's stature.

halloween 20112011: Pirate
Store bought. Sigh.

Halloween 2012Thomas the Tank Engine
Cardboard boxes and a concrete mold tube, with a paper maché face. Click the name for more info.

Halloween 2013R2D2
One of the crazier undertakings; it's built from a trash can (that we bought special;
not really a good time to upcycle) Click the name for more info.

Halloween 2014Han Solo
I think we'll try to encourage more of this style of costume, where it's an embellished outfit, instead of the whole giant constructed pieces. It just makes more sense, especially as trick or treating becomes more and more important to Max, and he wants to be fast on the move. 🙂

Halloween 2015 Luke Skywalker
And now we come to this year, possibly the last year we'll have a character from the original trilogy.
(Hey guess what! Click the name for more info!)
I'm sure we still have a number of Star Wars years ahead of us, but we'll also have loads of
new characters to choose from as well. 🙂

That's it until next year! What are you and your kids doing for Halloween?

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  1. Come on, theres Lando, Chewie, Jabba, BOBA FETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, I repeat BOBA FETTTTTTTT, Luke in x wing pilot outfit, Leia?, tons of original trilogy characters to explore!

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