Mama’s gotta make do, sometimes

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Let me start by saying I don't even know how moms with several children are able to keep up.
I commute for work, let my house get messier than many would find acceptable, because I don't have time.
I have one child, and he is only in one activity at a time and I never seem to have enough hours in the day, or I'm running late or forgetting something or…
Yesterday was tee ball practice, and Jamie was stuck in Sacramento for work.
I ducked out of the office early, in an effort to get Max to practice on time.
I got the 3:30 train, instead of the usual 4:15 one.
Got to my car at the BART station, and as I climbed in, I called Jamie.
“Hey babe, where's Max's tee ball stuff?”
“Umm…” a moment of thinking on the other end of the phone. “It's…. in my car. Dammit.”
No batting helmet, no bat, no glove.
“You can grab that extra bat from the garage,” he suggests from 50 miles away. “And there's a glove in the wagon, I think. I'll be there at practice, just late. Maybe by 5:30?”
I get to the school to pick Max up from his afternoon care.
Jogging across the field towards the portable, I encourage him to hurry, because we only have 10 minutes to make it to practice!
We get back to my car, parked on the street behind the school, where I always park.
“Come on, dude! Climb in! Let's go!”
Silence from the back seat.
“Uh… Mommy?” I look over my shoulder, my seatbelt halfway on.
I see Max standing expectantly on the sidewalk, looking at me through the open car door. It takes a moment, and then it registers.
There's no carseat.
I forgot about the car seat shuffle we had done last week, and Max's hasn't ridden with me since.
And I give thanks that we live only a block and a half from school.
“Exciting day, kiddo! Want to run home all by yourself, while I drive in the car? That's a big deal!”
“Yes. Really.”
mom is doing her best and making do

I clicked my hazards on, and crept along the road alongside his as he ran.

Because sometime's, a mama's gotta do what a mama's gotta do to get through the day.

As long as you're doing your best, that's what matters.

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    1. We were only about 5 minutes late, believe it or not! Of course, he refused to use the spare glove, but that’s a whole ‘nother story…

  1. This was absolute perfection. Me? Lately? I’d have just been in a puddle of dramatic tears, sitting in the cargo area of the car with the gate open, calling for a pizza to be delivered until Steve got to us hours later after work.

    Sometimes I guess I want to be a rescued damsel in distress.

  2. LOL – I can totally relate. And of course he wouldn’t use the spare glove, mine would have refused as well for likely the same crazy reason. There is just no reasoning with them sometimes. 🙂

  3. Oh I so relate to this. I’m glad T’s school isn’t too far either, just in case I do EXACTLY THIS. Which I have done. Ahem.

    I might be a little excited that he’s approaching the no-booster-seat-needed age/weight…

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