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… we should really cut Max's hair more than twice a year! He hadn't gotten a cut since August! I had to take my car in for a tire repair yesterday, so the hour or so that took plus a hair place right across the street made it impossible for me not to go do it!
I've been talking about a trim being overdue for a month or so, but finally did it!

And look at how much he's changed since his last cut…

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  1. What a doll! We actually cut my oldest sons hair today and it's so crazy how much it changes them and how older they look! Still holding off for my youngest… 😉

  2. So cute! I was just thinking how crazy how much older it makes them look when you cut their hair. DH got DS's hair cut last week and all of a sudden he looked 7!

  3. Oh, it kind of pangs my heart to see how much a haircut changes their face, their look. He's such a cutie-patootie! Happy haircut day!

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