Love this super thoughtful gift idea!

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My “love language” is gifts, and my definition of the perfect gift is this:

It's something that they didn't know they needed or wanted until they see it, and then they don't know how they lived without it.

Easy, right?

My friend Ali is one of those folks who has a birthday on December 26. She often gets her birthday lumped in with Christmas, and while I appreciate the efficiency of the part of the gift-giver, I can also see why that would be kind of a bummer for the birthday girl.

1543375_10152199421906383_337785061_nWell, Ali's new sister-in-law, Laura, came up with the BEST idea for her birthday present, and I know I'll be copying it in the future, and I'm sure you'll be able to think of someone to give this to as well! <— That's Ali on the left, and Laura on the right.

There's no budget limitations; it can be a $5 gift or a $500 gift. You decide.

People need and want little things on a regular basis. New socks, a glass of wine, someone to come fold their laundry… these are things that come and go through our minds all the time every day, but when it comes down to it, they don't always get addressed.

Think about it: It's 8:15 on a Tuesday, and you wish you had a bottle of wine. The kids are already in bed, so you can't run to the store, but you want someone to commiserate with you, so what do you do?

You update your Facebook status, like so, because what else would you do?

Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 12.23.54 PM(Sidenote: I just posted that status so I'd have an example… Jamie promptly walked into the room and dropped a Hershey's bar on my keyboard. I have the best husband.)

Anyway, we all do it, right?

Well, Ali's sister-in-law took it to heart, and assembled an amazing birthday gift inspired by Ali's very own words over the previous month or so!

How sweet is that?

This status?
lunches status
Resulted in five prepacked lunches:
packed lunches

Ali teaches Jazzercise, and often posts inspirational little messages like this one:
jazzercise statusSo what better than a new workout outfit?

noshower or breakfastA comment about no time for a shower or breakfast results in a bottle of dry shampoo and some just-add-water oatmeal.

loveforjlkA request for financial support for a friend who is going through a nightmare is met with a donation.
Aside: If you can, please consider donating to Love4JLK to help her family through this heartwrenching time. Ali and I have known Libby and her family for years.

nice clothesHere, Ali mentions how hard it is to shop with two little ones in tow, and that she doesn't have anything to wear to a wedding. The solution? A lovely outfit that's just right for a wedding!

This is the kind of thoughtfulness that means so much more than money.
Can you imagine opening a collection of gifts like that, that spoke to you on such a specific level?
I love this idea, so just a heads up, if you start talking on Facebook, you never know who might be paying attention!

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