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lionlock-disclosureI talked to you last month about general password management, and how LionLock can be a great solution for a busy parent/blogger/small business owner. This month, I want to tell you more about what makes LionLock such a great option, and why it's really a safe way to go when you're looking for a streamlined way to keep track of your passwords.
lionlock-cloud-storageLionLock stores your passwords in the cloud, not on your local machine. Kind of like having a safety deposit box at the bank is better than one in your bedroom closet, because your secrets are stored in the cloud, your passwords are safe even if your computer crashes… they're always up to date no matter what machine you use to access them, and they aren't being stored in a Word document or any desktop app, so no one can access them just by logging in to your computer.

I love the convenience of knowing that all of my passwords are available to me, safely stashed out of the hands of grubby bad guys.

I've created a picture in my head of just how safe my passwords are with LionLock; each of the systems that are in place are another layer of security.

  • The crazy internet is a zoo. (Bear with me, OK?)
  • The Vault system is the walls between exhibits, that make it impossible for a Secret to be viewable from any other Vault)
  • The AES-256 bit encryption is the electrified fence around the animals.
  • The SHA-512 hashing on all passwords is the lion in the cage
  • My passwords are the juicy steaks that the lion is saving for her dinner later.

Do you really want to think about what happens to someone who gets between a lion and her dinner?

Yeah, me neither.

  • There's also a password generator to help you create safe, complex passwords and
  • SSL encryption between the LionLock website and your machine/device

But I'm out of ideas for my zoo metaphor. Maybe I should make the password generation algorithm be that slightly weird popcorn vendor that you think might be following you around but you aren't really sure…

Where was I?

So yeah, your passwords are like steak being guarded by a lion.

Not bad, right?


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