Lizz Update 2009

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Since a couple of people asked how I'm doing, I figured I'd do a quick post on me…

I've been doing the at home peritoneal dialysis since April, and it's going well… I have to be in bed by 9pm every night in order to be able to get up early enough in the morning, but there are worse things in the world! I currently do 5 exchanges a day; 4 overnight of 2800 ccs, and then leave 1600 ccs in during the day (That part is just for my own records; I'm sure most everyone else won't know what that means! LOL)
I'm feeling good, the difference between hemo and PD is amazing; my phosphorus is, as always, a raging issue, but I think it's just a weird thing about me… I don't know.

Work is fine; the office is moving over the holidays, so we're designing and planning the new space. It should be a nice change, and I'm looking forward to having a WINDOW! Business is survivng, but my hours are still cut pretty significantly, and thanks to some day care drama last week, we are looking for a new day care effective immediately. We're taking turns watching Max this week, and then Jamie and I are both off next week, so I need to find something soon

As for why we're off next week; Max has his hernia operation on Friday! I've been putting it off and putting it off, and finally scheduled it. (I actually scheduled it in July; the day has finally arrived!) I'm a wreck. I've always been a pretty easy surgery patient myself… I've often said that the hard part is sitting in the waiting room. The patient gets all the good drugs! I'm seriously freaking out about Max being under general anesthesia, and I'm thankful it's a short procedure. The good thing about my putting it off for so long is that it's an outpatient procedure! Originally, if we'd done it a year ago, he would have had to have spent the night because of his preemie status, so now that he's a thriving 17 month old, we're in and out in the same day! So anyway, we're hanging out at home next week, since he won't be in any shape for day care. Is it horrible that I'm kind of looking forward to having a sweet, cuddly little boy for a few days?

So that's the haps around here!

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  1. Hey, Lizz, glad to hear you are doing well. As for Max's surgery, don't count on a cuddly boy. Both my sons had hernia repair, as did their dad years later. The boys were raring to go the next day, but Dad was a wreck. It was all I could do to keep the little ones down — they wanted to go, go, go as usual.

  2. k a few nerves – in a good way. First, to think that Max is 17 mos – I can't get my head around that. Second, you are amazing. I hope I can rise to the challenge you set for yourself – I don't have any excuse.

  3. Lizz, I am glad to hear that you are doing well.

    (and since I read your post on the bump about the surgery, I will say yippee again that the surgery went well and Max is recovering nicely!!)

  4. Hi Lizz,

    I was born with a hernia – actually 2. One on each side. It wasn't discovered until I was 3, believe it or not (so way worse than Max!) I had to have surgery to repair both at age 3. My mom was a MESS but I was totally cool with all of it. And I had to stay in the hospital for at least a couple nights. Not that this helps you at all, other than to know I had the same problem almost 30 years ago – and I'm no worse for it. 🙂 But thought I'd just let you know. Good luck with your mommy nerves!


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