Letter to My Son

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I'm joining with a group of friends in a monthly posting group, titled “Letters to Our Sons” There are about a dozen of us in the group, and we all met on Clickin' Moms, and decided to start up a group for this project for 2013. Every month, I'll be posting a letter to Max, inspired by a topic that the whole group will follow. At the end of my post, I'll give you a link to the next person's letter. You can go through them all by clicking from link to link. It's easy!

Dear Max,
I don't need to tell you, again, how much I love you. I try to teach you so much, I tell you so much, telling you you're loved is NOT something that's lacking. Reminding you to say “Excuse Me” after you burp, however, is one of my downfalls as a mother. I can't help it! Burping makes me giggle!
Anyway, I love you dude.
You never fail to amaze me and make come up with more reasons that I love you. I didn't realize, until you were born, how much my own mom (yup, Nana!) loves me.
You are a part of me, and I would happily give up parts of my very own self before giving you up. I try every day to explain to you how much I love you, but words fail me and I can't explain.
To be honest, I think I might just be biding my time, because I hope that someday, you'll gaze into your own newborn baby's eyes and just KNOW.
Every decision I make is with you in mind. Everything.
When I took my new job last year, I thought about how badly I want to set a good example for you by pursuing my passion.
When I'm getting dressed on the weekend, I think about what we'll be doing that day, and choose accordingly. Chasing you around is no easy task, you know!
When I'm planning a trip for work, I make sure that it takes me away from you and Daddy for the smallest amount of time possible.
Dinners are chosen to make sure we feed you things that you like, as well as expose you to new things and new tastes.
Every decision your Daddy and I make is made with you in mind.
Because that's how much we love you.
We love you more than there are stars in the sky, more than there is sand on the beach.
I love you more than dark chocolate and Nutella, Daddy loves you more than his workshop and the Giants.
True story, my friend.
We love you so, so much.
Always and forever,



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  1. what a great idea..and learning so much about your relationship with Max is an added awesome.
    they are growing so fast aren’t they? Everyday is a new adventure.

    thanks for sharing yours.

    1. Thanks! It’s a big deal that he was climbing it by himself… he’s usually kind of a scaredy cat (which I, of course, love! LOL)

  2. I love that you giggle at burps too…this is a weakness of mine as well : ) Such a sweet letter to your son and awesome pictures!

  3. I loved your letter (and your son’s name 😉 ) Like you said, I never realised just how much my parents loved me until I had my son – Our capacity to love is amazing isn’t it!

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