Let the wedding pages begin!

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As a scrapbooker, I was in a bit of a quandry regarding scrapping our wedding… I had all these cute page ideas, but I also wanted to be sure the day was well-documented (I just couldn't see myself doing a page with a photo of the cake and a “Let them eat cake” title… it just wasn't me! LOL)
So I made a decision… I'm making two wedding albums… one will actually be a
printed photobook, black backgrounds, photos, maybe some captions… a very traditional feeling set-up, with cake pictures and ring pictures and portraits and everything.

And then there's the fun book!

It's only going to contain the photos that inspired me when I saw them… they won't all have coordinating papers or themes… I'm scrapping them the way I usually scrap… if I want funny, I'll do funny; if I want sappy, I'll go there too!

So I started these “fun” pages last week… here are the first few!

Journaling: It's almost like the grown-up version of “Are we there yet?” These last few moment before meeting my groom at the end of the aisle… all this planning and dreaming and waiting… it's here. It's finally here. I can hear the first notes of “Two of Us” starting downstairs. Everything's in place… in less than an hour I'll be related to Jamie. My best friend, my most favorite person. We'll be family! How cool is this? Could that second-hand *be* ticking any slower? (Who invited Chandler Bing to my wedding?) Breathe. This is what I've wanted. I've been in love with this man for almost half my life… he loves me too… this is perfect… it's what we were meant for. Holy cow, it's only been 10 seconds. There is NO WAY I'm making it through the next 5 minutes. Oh! Where's my bouquet? Do I need to check my lipstick? Are the buckles on my shoes straight? Is my hair still OK? One more minute. I should head downstairs… “Who knows how long I've loved you…” My song is starting. Here we go!

And not wedding, exactly, but kinda wedding related! LOL

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  1. I LOVE these pages – great way to remember both the serious and teh funny.

    I particuarly like the Abbey Road takeoff.

  2. Libis, I have followed you from 2Peas and I enjoy reading your blog. LOVE your scrapbook pages (and wedding photos) — they are awesome!!! Great job.


  3. love those pages, esp the one of mr and mrs with your beautiful plaque!!! you’ve been busy, and yes, after you share with laurie, pass some of your mojo on overhere!!

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