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It's August, so it's time to start thinking about back to school. I can't believe that some kids are already headed back, but we've got the rest of this month before Max starts 3rd grade on Aug. 31.

Summer vacation has been awesome, but we want to start getting Max's brain back in shape for school, and what better way to do that than with some activities and games that have learning built right in?

Lakeshore Learning sent us this collection of awesome goodies to help get some much-needed brain exercises before that school bell rings again at the end of the month.

Outlast: A Reading for Information Game

Outlast Game Board

First up is a board game, Outlast. The game play is simple enough, and only took us a couple of minutes to get it figured out. The focus is reading comprehension and translating information from the information given.

Here's an example game card; roll over to see the question on the back:
[himage]Game Card 1 Game Card 2


Game play didn't last excessively long, so it wasn't torture for me to play along too 😉 It's officially rated for 4th-5th grade, but Max didn't struggle too much with the reading. For a bonus challenge, we read our cards out loud as well.

Max reading card

Multiplication Tower of Math

Block game full

Tower of Math is a familiar game format, but with the added challenge of multiplication problems printed on each block; as you pull a block out, if you get the problem correct, you keep the block, in an effort to get the most blocks.

We love this game, so it was great fun with the addition of math. It's also available with addition, subtraction, or division.

Pulling block

Build it Yourself Woodworking Kit

Woodworking 1

If you know us at all, it's no big surprise that we were excited to get this Woodworking Kit. 🙂 Max and Jamie pulled it out immediately and started building. There are a bunch of project ideas included, and everything you need comes with the kit.

I was the lucky recipient of this lovely pencil cup, which is the perfect embellishment on my desk at work.

Finished Pencil Cup


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