John Stamos playing a grandpa and other “OMG I’m old” moments

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I got two emails on the same day recently, and both of them sent into a weird sort of “Holy cow I'm getting old!” and time is crazy and life is short spiral.The first email? A reminder for my 20th high school reunion. I would swear on a stack of Pearl Jam CDs and flannel shirts that 1995 was just, like, yesterday.The next email? An invitation to attend a sneak peek screening of the new John Stamos sitcom titled Grandfathered.

Unsure of what to expect (and a little bit in shock at the prospect of my beloved Uncle Jesse being a grandpa), I checked out the trailer online, and was instantly hooked.

The quick overview is simple enough; ultimate bachelor and restauranteur Jimmy (Stamos) learns that he not only has a 25 year old son from a long-ago relationship, but that his son, Gerald (played by Josh Peck from Drake and Josh), has a little girl of his own. Jimmy finds himself with an instant family, and all that entails.

Much like Full House did during my childhood in the 1980s, Grandfathered is taking a new look at what makes a family; more than just the nuclear parents/kids combo, the people who we surround ourselves with are the ones who matter. There are some really heartfelt moments in the show; besides the obvious gags that are kind of required (Jimmy's first diaper changing attempt), there are lots of those sweet “Awwww” moments that make for great viewing for the whole family.

I'm really interested to see this more modern interpretation of both parenting and grandparenting; watching Jimmy navigate this new world for him, as he builds a relationship with Gerald, the son he never knew. (And Gerald's mom? Are there still feelings there? Hmm… we'll have to keep watching to find out!) grandfathered sweet moment The screening I attended at Blogher was hosted by none other than Josh Peck himself, who is adorable and charming. While I'm a new fan, he won me over in no time at all as he shared some stories about working with the famous Stamos (say that so it rhymes, please) and was very sweet to all of us. Josh Peck speaking
me and Josh Peck

I'm really excited for the show, and am hoping that it signals a return to the sun family-friendly sitcoms I remember watching with my parents as a kid. Are you going to tune in?

Don’t miss the series premiere of GRANDFATHERED Tuesday September 29 at 8/7c on FOX!

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