Jam-Packed Non-Stop Keep-Up Weekend

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We dont' believe in doing things halfway, so when I say we're going to have a busy weekend, we jam it full as much as we can!

This last weekend was no exception… let me share what we were up to!

On Saturday, Tillamook Cheese invited me to the San Francisco Zoo for stop on their Loaf Love Tour… I was honored to be invited, and thrilled when they said that I could bring my sister and her family along as well! You see, Saturday is 67% of my nieces' birthdays! (I know, right?) Gorgeous Lydia turned 1, and her sassy sister Josie turned 3! (Biggest niece will be 6 in a couple of weeks. See? The jam-packed trend runs in the family!)

Tillamook hooked us up with VIP admission, some awesome Tillamook yogurt and cheese samples, and coupons for later! I'm so excited to check out their ice cream, which is now available at Safeway!

After a busy day at the zoo, we headed to my sister's house for the birthday part of the day… burgers, cupcakes and candles make for a great evening with family!

Sunday morning, we were up before the butt-crack of dawn for the Niles Antiques Faire… Niles is a district in our city that we love; it's like a slivce of small town America, just 5 minutes away! They have a HUGE annual flea market/antiques faire, so we couldn't wait to check it out!

I found a new (to me) Kodak Duaflex III with box and flash kit (manufactured in Oct. 1954!), Jamie got an old battery-powered spotlight for camping, and Max got a new hat and an old train car for his Thomas tracks. We explored the faire with our BFFs, and headed back to our house after several hours of treasure hunting…

After a stop at home, Jamie and I got dressed and headed out to Silicon Valley Dishcrawl, thanks to the Clever Girls, where we got to sample some amazing food and drinks from a few different places in San Jose. It was nice to just explore a little bit, just the 2 of us, and I do think we'll be back to check out a couple of the restaurants we tried!

So there… that was our 2 days “off”


This weekend brings dinner with Max's Aunt Amelia, who visiting from New Mexico, a mac and cheese cookoff  with some friends, and then we're going to check out the Duck boat tour in San Francisco!

What do your weekends look like? Relaxing and low-key, or jam-packed and busy like ours?

These photos were taken with my awesome new Olympus PEN E-PL3, which I won a few weeks ago from Olympus and Tech Savvy Mama! I love it, and don't know how I lived without it! (If not the Olympus, then they were taken with my iPhone… the difference is obvious)

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