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I've been tagged by my fabulous friend, Tina. I'm going to pass the tag along to Mimi and Lara

I'll be back later to add my thoughts to the subject.
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Regrets – I've Had a Few
1) Call the meme “Regrets – I've Had A Few”
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4) List as many regrets as you like, but list a minimum of one (even if you have to re-interpret the term ‘regret' because you feel strongly that you don't have any)
5) Include these five rules in each post as the meme instructions.

I try hard to live my life with no regrets. Regret is a waste of energy. The road to hell being paved with good intentions and all that. You can't change what has already happened, so why expend energy on it?
To be totally honest, I mostly regret stupid little things. I kind of wish I hadn't bought that Peach Tazo tea this morning at Starbucks. It wasn't very good and kind of made my stomach hurt… and I paid like $3 for it!
I certainly regret some clothing purchases I've made… like this one brown skirt that has been hanging in my closet, unworn, for about 4 years now.
It's beautiful, and I'm sure I'll wear it someday, but until then, it sits there, its $80 price tage staring me down every time it catches my eye.

Some things that I don't regret but probably should… my first marriage. I know now that I was *waaaaaaaay* to young to get married. We had only been together 4 months when he proposed on my 19th birthday. It lasted just over two years and he left me when I have him an ultimatum to go to counseling or get out. (Note to men: Calling a woman an “ugly lesbian” in front of *your* mother is NOT a good relationship building move.)
I probably should have gone to the doctor sooner, back in that fall of 2000. Maybe if I had let my parents get involved sooner, things would be different now. Maybe their “squeaky wheel” approach to my insurance company would have saved my kidneys. But I was a stubborn 22 year old who “didn't need Mommy and Daddy to help” (I have since learned *that* lesson!)

Why do I not regret these things? It's simple. If any of those things had been different, my life today would be different. If I hadn't married XH, I might have met someone else and married him instead. I might still be married to this Mr. Unknown, and I wouldn't know my alternate path.
If I had recovered completely from my illness, I might still be living and working as I was before; I was drinking 5 or 6 nights a week, my life revolved around the local bars. If I hadn't moved back into my parents' house and spent several years out of work, I might not have become acive in the church again, I might not have reconnected with Jamie.

Everything I've done, every decision I've made up to this moment, has played a part in making me who I am right now.

And right now, I'm pretty damn happy with my life.

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  1. Everything I’ve done, every decision I’ve made up to this moment, has played a part in making me who I am right now.

    This has always been my theory too.

    I’m sorry about the Peach drink, though. Ugh.

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