It’s the small things.

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My sister has this Martha Stewart gene that I just didn't happen to get… she gets great joy from labeling shelves and reorganizing her spices. I, on the other hand, do not, and I must rely on Katie and our mom for tips in the home organization department.
Jamie and I cleaned yesterday, and I changed the sheets on our bed. I pulled the freshly washed fitted sheet from the dryer, folded it, and put it away.

Did you read that? I FOLDED a FITTED sheet!

Katie has this great technique, and she's shown it to me about a thousand times… I've tried it pretty much every time, and it's never ended up as neat and straight as when she does it. (We're talking having to unfold the square to figure out if it's fitted or flat… she's *that* good!)

Anyway, I GOT IT! At last! LOL

I'm so proud *sniff* of me!

OK, that's enough of that… I've got crazy wedding projects to finish!

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