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Thank you to Crocs for sponsoring this blog post. Please click here to learn more about Crocs’ new Back to School line. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions expressed here are my own.

I'm a shoe addict.
It's true.
I love them.
Athletic and fancy, heels and flats, slip on and lace-up. Shoes make me happy.

When I was a kid, and my mom took me back to school shopping, I always had the strongest opinion on my shoes, and as long as my picks were within her guidelines, she generally allowed me free reign. Her guidelines were simple: Closed toe, closed/covered heel, a rubber sole for PE. Looking back, I'm sure these were as much the school's rules as her own, but if it works, right?

Three specific sets of school shoes stand out in my memory.

In fifth grade, which was the 88-89 school year, I even got TWO pair! Converse high tops in hot pink and turquoise. In true late-eighties fashion, I rocked one of each color, along with two pairs of socks, layered and scrunched *just so* to get a truly multi colored, pseudo-eclectic, Punky Brewster inspired look.

My sophomore year in high school, I was deep in my alternative slash hippie phase, and got my parents to spring for a pair of black mary jane style Doc Martens. They went perfectly with my favorite empire waisted, plaid flannel dress and numerous earrings, and I adored them. (Confession: I wish I still had them.)

By the time my junior year rolled around, I was working part-time and had the money to buy what I wanted, closed toe be darned. I'd gone more hippie than alternative (Plus: They were pretty trendy) and I got a pair of Birkenstocks. They were the most expensive shoes I'd owned up to that point, and about three days after I got them, I left them out in front of our house, to be (theoretically) stolen by the neighbor boy. Sigh.

So my Birks were gone, but my love of super-comfy shoes was not! That's why the new Crocs Back to School line is so exciting to me, since I now live vicariously through Max's shoe buying! I understand the rules of School Shoes now, but to have them available with Crocs famous comfort, hidden in a super-adorable upper? That, my friends, is School Shoe BLISS!

Because really, how adorable are these slip-ons? Eeek! I just might have to get these ones for Max! If he doesn't approve? There are 13 styles to choose from, for both boys and girls!

This cute little video, shown below, will show you more of the styles. It's also interactive, so click on any of the Crocs you see, and you'll be taken straight to the Crocs site to learn more about them! (As an added bonus, Max has asked me half a dozen times now to watch this video! It really is that cute!) Once you've done that, click here and be entered to win a family vacation to San Diego, with no purchase necessary!

And last, but SO not least, there's a hidden Easter Egg in the video… click on it and see what happens!

Need a clue? Here's one:

Thanks so much to Crocs for letting me take a look at these adorable new additions to the Crocs family! I definitely see some in my Max's future!

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