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Sorry, sorry sorry!

I've been so busy lately, I just haven't had time to sit down and update! Even now, I'm cleaning my scrap room and just wanted to take a break! LOL I've got some pics to share, and a few little bits of what's going on around here! Things are calming down some, and once we get past the honeymoon (next month or so…) we should get back into some sort of regularity our lives!

Christmas was great… we had Christmas brunch with Katie and my family, then headed to Wendy's (Jamie's sister) for dinner… lots of good food and awesome gifts and time with family. Faith was, of course, totally and completely spoiled for her first Christmas… we didn't make out so bad either! My two favorite things were my tree-topper angel (from my Grammy) and the plaque my dad gave Jamie… it actually has our last name on it… it is going to be mounted outside next to our front door… I'm so excited! It's all so official looking! LOL

My dad snapped a cute pic of us holding it up on Christmas morning; it's the only photo of us from the day (I'm such a slacker sometimes!) but it'll be perfect for a SB page… the title is “Our First Christmas and Mr. & Mrs.” and it's going to be sooo cute (when I get around to doing it!)

My sister was totally floored by our dad's gift to her of her *own* Nikon D50… it was a gift for me too, so I could have my camera back for once! LOL Apparently our (unasked for) gift of a panini maker came in 2nd place to the camera.

We spent New Year's pretty low key. Dave and Ann Marie and the kids are finally closer! They moved to Concord (just down the street from Katie!) the week after Christmas, so we helped them with some moving in stuff… Katie invited us all to her “East Coast New Year's party” so we went to that (lots of babies!) and celebrated the ball drop with New York. We were home a little after 10 and celebrated midnight on our own, with a split of Veuve in the Stanley Cup (A traditional champagne bucket passed on to us by Jamie's dad and stepmom. This thing is HUUUUGE! Gorgeous, shiny sterling, but gigantic! LOL) We taked about some of our predictions for *next* New Year's, smooched at midnight and dozed off like old married people.

New Year's Day, we went up to Grass Valley to visit Ed & Lucinda (Jamie's dad and stepmom) They retired back in September, and have a gorgeous little house on a couple acres in the forest… really nice! (And I totally didn't take pictures! *eyeroll*) We wandered around town and did a little shopping… a new cast iron skillet and a bed. Yup, a bed. A 4 poster Arts and Crafts style canopy bed! There's an old furniture store going out of business in Grass Valley, so we couldn't pass it up! It's really gorgeous, and if the bed was made right now, I'd snap a pic and post it…. it'll have to wait. (Sorry!)

I did the official “I just got married so I have to chop my hair” move… cut about 5″ off and added a bunch of layers and some long bangs. As soon as I get my scanner working, I scan the pic I had taken that afternoon. (I'm such a slacker; I do apologize! LOL) I planned it so that I went, immediately after my haircut, and got my passport photo taken, so I don't hate the photo! LOL

OK… I think that's pretty much what I/we have been up to these last few weeks… *whew!*

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  1. Um…you forgot to mention the awesome photoshop elements class you taught last Saturday at Suzy’s!!!!!! You did a great job Lizz…now hopefully I can figure out how to do everything!

    *thanks for giving us your email addy, I’m pretty sure I will be having some questions**

    Jenn =0)

  2. Gees can you tease us any more with all the news and no pictures – trips, new bed, and especially new hair! Totally not fair. Glad you are enjoying married life!

  3. Gotta love the post-wedding hair chop!! It’s so freeing. 🙂 Glad things are going well. Sign your butt into AIM more often. :p

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