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We had our “big” ultrasound today… it's called a “Level Two” and we had a tech who scanned and took measurements and then the doctor came in and looked everything over again… to quote the doctor, the baby looks “Awesome” and everything is moving along perfectly!

We got lots of pics this time, and Jamie got to see Spiff for the first time since about 10 weeks, so things are much more interesting now!

Here are a few photos…

The official “Ziggy” photo.
This is the same angle my sister and brother-in-law saw that made them dub Faith (in utero) “Ziggy” which was short for Zagathorn or something… some sort of alien overlord, I believe was the official description.

Waving right-handed… Jamie still wants a leftie. Left-handed pitchers are much more valuable in the majors.

Facial profile… how cute can you get?

A fill-body profile… 2 arms, 2 legs, some toes and fingers… we're talking about perfection here!

Oh, and if you want something more specific than “It's a Baby” This is the pic for you!

We still aren't sharing the name, but I'll tell you this: it's been chosen, first and middle. One is a family name, one is just something we love. Maybe we'll turn this into a game and see if anyone can come up with either name! LOL

And for those keeping track, we're at 18 weeks today!

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  1. I am in awe!
    My vote is always James Joseph
    You or your sister were supposed to be our JJ and I am still waiting! On second thought…

    Either way you know how thrilled I am!

  2. Awwwwe those are the best ultrasounds I have seen to date, I never have been able to see anything and clearly I could see a baby boy 🙂

    Boy names: Rowan (it’s unique it’s my husband’s name, it was a boy name before hollywood turned it to a girl name) and Charlie

  3. Congrats! Those are great US shots! We had our big one last week and found out ours are boys too! (we’re having twins!) My face always hurts after we leave an ultrasound from the constant smile that is on my face. 🙂

  4. A boy… sigh.

    The words “Ready, Set, GO!” will become part of your daily vocabulary… Can’t wait to meet him.

  5. Ewww… JJ. SOOOO glad I came out a Katie. Although, I reserve the right to use the name James SOMEWHERE in my next kids name… no matter what.

    And if I have to tell you again, I am going to beat you…no talking about names… you aren’t even allowed to hint at it. Nothing. Not a word. Its not fair.

    Besides, Rimshot is at the top of my list too. Rimshot James… love it.

  6. Congrats! It seems like everyone I know is having a boy so I guess I will hold onto all my girl stuff until someone has a girl. Thanks again for the birth announcements. Everyone loves them.

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