Ideas for celebrating MLB Opening Day at home

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IT'S BASEBALL TIME! Jamie and I have been Giants fans since before the 2010 World Series, back to the 2006 season, when we had season tickets and missed very few home games. Basically, we were fans when they were terrible. Our Giants have thankfully rewarded us with three world championships in the last five years, so the Giants fandom has only grown, and it's become more and more important* to find new ways to express our team spirit. *Level of importance is open to interpretation. But for us, it's Important. world series pics We generally celebrate Opening Day at home, because OMG crowds, but that doesn't mean that it isn't a special day for us, even if we're “just” watching on TV. Some of the things we do to make Opening Day special: celebrate opening day at home 1. Serve ballpark food for lunch or dinner; we do hot dogs and garlic fries. Having a wide variety of toppings available is one way to make it a little more special than a normal day. We always have ketchup, relish and mustard, but will add pickle spears, onions, cheese, sauerkraut and stuff like that to take it next level. As a side note: How many kinds of mustard do you have in your kitchen? Because we have like seven. hot dog toppings2. Baseball snack food is a must, including that stuff that's a pain to eat at the ballpark, like chips and salsa. I also like to throw in team sprit-y foods, which is easy with our orange team color. If you have trouble coming up with snacks to match your team, check out my team spirit colored popcorn! snack food 3. Decorate the house: Put up some team bunting, pick up a few balloons, and get dishes and cups to go with the team logo, and you're set!

4. Get into the spirit with a game of catch: Max and Jamie spend quite a bit of time playing catch all summer. It's especially fun now that it's actually becoming catch, and not just Jamie playing fetch with Max. playing catch5. Dress the part. Because isn't this the most important thing? has everything you need to outfit yourself, your family, your home and your car with everything for your favorite team. The largest retailer of officially licensed sports merchandise, it's a one-stop shop for sports fans. (They carry NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, and PGA, for over 200 professional and collegiate teams) Here's my Opening Day outfit: Styled outfit'47 Brand Helm Closer Flex Hat – Black | Majestic Women's Cool Base Player Jersey
Giants Clutch | Bring on the Bubbly World Champion Women's T-Shirt

And because he keeps growing at a pace that I can't keep up with, Max needed a new Giants jersey this year, to go with his new World Series t-shirt. I told him he could pick which player's name was on it, so guess who he picked. His favorite player, of course!
max buster jersey

Hooray baseball season!

What's your team? Are you a jersey or a t-shirt wearer?

And last, but not least… CHEERS!

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