I want my coffee, and I want it now! #Rubi2Go #shop

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CB-sponsored-post-white-600If you've spent any time with me, you know about me and my coffee.
I generally have a cup in my hand (or at least nearby) at all times, until about 3pm when I need to lay off so I can sleep.
I drink a lot of coffee.
Yes I drink it in a box, yes I drink it with a fox. Yes I drink it on a chair, yes I drink it over there.
Coffee Collage #Rubi2Go #shopCoffee is my “thing”

I will say that, in this age of triple-extra-hot-dry-soy-no-foam-hazelnut-vanilla-but-not-too-sweet-demi-double-triple-coffaccinos, I'm generally a pretty cheap date when it comes to my coffee orders. I want it large, with cream. Easy.

Because I'm not one who fancies it up with lots of stuff, I want high quality, fresh, delicious coffee.

The Rubi kiosk they recently installed at my Lucky Supermarket is just the solution for a fast, affordable cup of great coffee.
Instead of paying $2.25 for a coffee and $1.95 for a doughnut that they shipped in to a fancy coffee shop, I can treat myself to a coffee and an old fashioned for basically the same price as just the coffee at a chain place.

Also? No pretentious fancy ordering people in front of me in line to slow me down! Win-win.
coffee break #Rubi2Go #shopNot bad, right?

The Rubi brews my coffee when I order it; it isn't being held in a warmer and then dumped into my cup… fresh ground Seattle's Best beans, purified water, steeped just so, french press style… the touchscreen makes it easy to customize; add cream, sugar or Splenda just the way you like it.

Brewing #Rubi2Go #shop

Also? I'm kind of in love with the adorable animations on the kiosk… the clean, slightly retro styling of the graphics is right up my alley, so it makes me happy just watching the process.

Of course, there are days I'll still want to go to the fancy schmancy cafe, where I can drink complicated drinks and nosh on imported pastries, but on a normal day, when I'm just looking for a quick little perk-up? The Rubi kiosk is a great, inexpensive, delicious solution.

You can check out the Rubi website to see if there's a kiosk near you (I hope for your sake that there is!) I might have to go back tomorrow and check out the Pumpkin Spice, and I'm totally curious to see what limited edition they offer for the winter holidays! After you've located a kiosk, you can send the text code “BEAN2CUP” to 727272 for a free coffee code! FREE COFFEE!
Creamer #Rubi2Go #shopI got my coffee and went to the store for one thing: creamer for at home. Yes, I bought coffee to buy stuff for my coffee. Don't judge. 🙂

When do you do most of your coffee drinking? At home or on the go?

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  1. I want that! Coffee is a daily ritual. I’m used to the good stuff at home, so I love it when I can get coffee fresh and hot like that on the go, especially at that price!

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