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This entry is probably going to seem a little Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes, but oh well! LOL

  • Why baseball fans feel the need to harass the visiting team instead of cheering on their own. Example: The Giants and the Dodgers, one of the oldest rivalries in baseball, right? When we're playing the Dodgers, the chant that rocks the ballpark is “BEAT LA” and it's awesome! When we play in LA, all the fan can come up with is “GI-ANTS SUCK!” See the difference? If you're yelling “Giants suck” and they're up 10-3, you just look silly! Cheer on your guys instead, and you'll find the whole thing a much more pleasant experience!
  • Still on the subject of baseball, if you're an American League fan, that's great. But don't come into *my* National League park and crack jokes about how the game is played! If you don't like it, leave! You won't be missed! (Oh, and this goes out to the Boston fan sitting behind us the other night)
  • Why someone has to ride my ass on the freeway, only to get in front of me and drive right at the speed limit in the fast lane.
  • Why the waiter at Denny's is suddenly compelled to vacuum under my table as soon as I sit down.
  • Why people subject themselves to the ridiculousness that is reality television.
  • How people can eat unagi and other “scary” foodstuffs. (Scary to me! I'm not passing judgement!)
  • How some scrappers can create amazing pages like Macgyver; two scraps of patterned paper, a photo and a paperclip and it looks like something worthy of the Louvre.
  • Why we seem to have *lost* a load or so of laundry… we've each discovered a couple of shirts or other items of clothing that seem to have vansihed into thin air.
  • Jamie's fascination with the word “duty” (His response? “He he… doody”)
  • Why it took until Game 48 for our usher at the Giants games to say a joke that actually make me smile… he averages about 37 “jokes” per game, so this is a big deal! (“So I performed at an open mic comedy club the other night… wanna know who opened for me? The President! He loves open mic!”)
  • Why I'll never learn that Pop Tart filling = napalm when fresh from the toaster
  • Exactly how electricity works (Jamie's tried to explain, it just doesn't stick)
  • Why I'm tired all day until I go to bed, and then I can't sleep. (Hence this midnight blog entry)

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  1. Lizz!!! The poptart=napalm!!! Bhaaahahahaha! If you only knew how many times I’ve done that myself! LOL 🙂

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