Graham Cracker Teardrop Trailer Project

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Honey Maid Graham Cracker Teardrop Trailer Tutorial and Template #HoneyMaidHouse AD

We've been a little teardrop-obsessed ever since Jamie finished building our #TransPorter back in August 2014. We take it out as often as we can, and when we aren't camping, we're talking about camping or planning a trip, or admiring adorable teardrop-themed merchandise all over the internet. (Just me? No? Good.)

Family with trailer #FallGlamping AD

So it only seems fitting that instead of a plain old gingerbread house, we'd make a trailer this year. And thanks to Honey Maid Graham Crackers, there's no real baking involved, unless you count making the royal icing.

I picked up everything I needed for this project at Walmart, so you can too, the next time you're there. Easy peasy. I spent several evenings working on this; I wanted to leave lots of time in between steps to give the icing time to dry, so this is best taken on with a little patience and time, if you want the best possible results. Now let's get to the building!


  • Graham Cracker Teardrop templates (I've created this free printable for you, so just download the PDF and print it out at 100% on letter paper to have your cut lines.)
  • Mounting board (I just used a piece of scrap from Jamie's workshop)
  • Honey Maid Graham Crackers
  • Royal icing (Recipe below)
  • Piping bag and small point frosting tip
  • 2 can lid rings
  • 3 drinking straws
  • And a partridge in a pear tree (Sorry! It's that time of year)
  • Green food coloring
  • 2 1/4″ circle hole saw
  • Decorative pieces for the trailer. I chose to stay with a trail mix-inspired theme to match my campsite.
    • Peanuts
    • Banana Chips
    • Pretzel sticks
    • Raisins
    • Shredded coconut

Royal Icing

I use a pretty simple icing recipe, you are, of course, welcome to use your own. I store mine in the icing bag on the fridge in between steps. I put a straight pin in the tip to keep it from hardening up too much, and then prop the tip up in a small bowl, covered with plastic wrap. I was able to use a single batch of icing for the whole project, over several days.

Simply combine all the ingredients in a mixer bowl and mix until smooth. If you need it thinner, add a splash more milk, thicker, add a bit of powdered sugar. This is just a starting point.

  • 1 1/2 c. Powdered Suga
  • 2 T. Milk
  • 2 T. Light Corn Syrup


  • Lay 4 whole Honey Maid graham crackers down to line up with the edges of the rectangle on the template. Use royal icing to “glue” 1/4 graham pieces to stick the 4 whole crackers together, as shown. (I included a couple of pretzel sticks for extra security, but you don't have to)
    Teardrop Wall on Template #HoneyMaidHouse AD
  • Allow to set for at least 30 minutes, longer is better. After about 15 minutes, I slid both of my walls into a large ziptop bag and let them set overnight just to be safe.
  • Once the walls are well set, replace the wall pieces on the template to cut to shape. (You'll notice the template has 2 pages, you'll want to do one of each so you have walls facing each direction with the supports on the inside.)
  • Using a serrated knife, cut carefully along the marked lines. I use a large bread knife and don't add any pressure, just let the weight of the knife press down enough to make the cut.
    Cutting on template #HoneyMaidHouse AD
  • Don't worry if the cut off part breaks! 🙂
    Cut piece of corner #HoneyMaidHouse AD
  • Continue to make all 12 cuts shown on the template, 6 for each wall. Your finished walls should look like this one:
    Finished teardrop wall #HoneyMaidHouse AD
  • Once your walls are set, apply the floor and one ceiling brace. Lay a side down, support-side up, and use royal icing to attach whole graham crackers across the bottom and a single one for the top. Put the icing on the frontside of the cracker you're attaching, so the thinedge of the wall is attached to the wide side of the whole floor/ceiling cracker. Use a box to help hold the new pieces perpendicular to the walls.
    Walls propped #HoneyMaidHouse AD
  • Add a brace to the front piece as well. When all the bracing is done on the first side, it will look like this:
    One wall done #HoneyMaidHouse AD
  • Attach the opposite wall. Once this has had time to set, carefully cut graham crackers the long way to cover along the angles of the top of the trailer. Use royal icing to fill in the spaces in between the crackers. At this point, once it's dried, you can easily move the trailer around to make it easier to decorate.
    Blank Trailer #HoneyMaidHouse AD
  • Turn the trailer so one side is facing up, and begin decorating. I cut a 1/4 graham cracker for the door, and used part of a pretzel stick to prop it open while it dried.
    Door propped open #HoneyMaidHouse ADTrailer door #HoneyMaidHouse AD
  • I used roasted peanuts for trim along the edge, and a banana chip and raisin for the door.
    Decorating on side #HoneyMaidHouse AD


  • Use two can rings to hold the trailer up off the mounting board. A little royal icing will adhere them to the board, and adhere the trailer to the rings.
    Can rings #HoneyMaidHouse AD
  • For wheels, I used a 2 1/4″ circle hole saw. It works like a very scary looking cookie cutter; just press down on the graham cracker to cut it to size and shape. I adhered two identical circles, and added a smaller one on top. (The smaller one is 1 1/2″)
    Attach the wheel to the trailer with royal icing.
    Drill bit #HoneyMaidHouse AD
  • For the trailer hitch, it's a couple of paper drinking straws cut and glued to make a triangle, with a tiny scrap for the base. My husband actually threw this together in about 2 minutes.
    trailer hitch #HoneyMaidHouse AD
  • The campfire is made of pretzel sticks, fruit roll ups and almonds. Everything is royal icing'd directly onto the mounting board.
    Campfire closeup no grass #HoneyMaidHouse AD
  • Dye your shredded coconut by mixing a few drops of green food coloring and about a tablespoon of water in a sandwich-sized ziptop bag, then adding the coconut. Mix in the bag until everything is coated. I helped mine dry faster by putting it in a 200 degree oven for about 10 minutes, but you don't have to do that.
    Spread the grass all around in front of the trailer and around the campfire. Get some right up against the trailer so it covers the can rings that are supporting it.
    Finished campfire #HoneyMaidHouse AD

    And you're done!

Teardrop with box #HoneyMaidHouse AD

Finished close up with box #HoneyMaidHouse AD

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  1. Forget houses, this is the life for me- I wish I could hook this up to the car and drive around the country. You did a wonderful job!

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