Home Run Derby!

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I know, I know, I know… I still haven't posted all of our Europe pics.
I'm scrapping them now, so pages will start showing up soon! LOL

Besides, we've moved on to new fun stuff!

Yesterday, Jamie and I had the time of our lives at the All-Star Home Run Derby at AT&T Park! We had spectacular seats, 2nd row on the arcade (right in front of the water cannons they shoot off for home runs… for *every* home run in the derby… with cold water in them. Very cold. But I digress)

So here are some pics! The All Star Game is on as I type this, but this is the stuff we were THERE for! We didn't catch any homers, but we did get a batting practice ball that we gave to the little boy sitting by us.

No detail is left ignored for the All-Stars… these sidewalk decals start
about a mile down the Embarcadero from the park!

Right… snipers are totally business as usual.

The best venue in baseball.

I just think this is cool because you see the blimp and on the
Jumbotron is what the blimp sees! LOL

McCovey Cove a full THREE hours before the Derby starts.

The Cove and Portwalk midway through the event.
It was insane! So glad we weren't down *in* the chaos! LOL

For my Mets fan friends… Jose Reyes.
(So nice of that PA to hold the reflector so he's so well lit for my pic! LOL)

Our seats (in the yellow circle) I actually took this pic from our seats on
Sunday, at the Futures Game.

It was really cool getting to see *all* the mascots, like the Green Monster and the Philly Phanatic… they're as much baseball legends as some of the players, so it was an unexpected bonus! I still Lou is one of the coolest though!

We really had amazing seats for when the hitters were announced:

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