Pink & Orange Heart-Shaped Breakfast for Valentine’s Day


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Pink and Orange Valentines Day Breakfast with Tampico

Color plays such an important role in our lives, doesn't it? It's amazing how simply paying attention to colors can turn a regular meal into a special celebration. It was with this in mind that I put together this oh-so-simple Valentine's Day breakfast for Max and Jamie.

I put this together entirely with things I had on hand, only the cute cup is special, and I picked that up in the Target Dollar Spot because OMG who can resist?

Pink-tinted heart-shaped panackes, heart-shaped bacon, and red and orange fruit to cap it all off made for a special meal that helped show my favorite guys how much I love them.

Close up Pancakes

Food coloring and a Food Prep Bottle are all it takes to make plain old pancakes into something special; when you're putting the batter down, start with the outline and then work your way in. It's so easy.

The heart bacon was inspired by my friend Chelsea over at The Paper Mama; it's super easy and because it's made in the oven, it required very little effort once it's prepped.

Pouring Syrup

I love using scrapbook paper as a placemat; I have it in about a million colors and patterns, so I can easily swap it out to match my color scheme. The “I love you” letters are old chipboard ones I had in my craft stash, but you could easily handwrite it on the paper, or if you have a Silhouette, cut out your own message.

Tampico in Heart Cup

I picked up a jug of childhood memories, also known as Tampico, at the grocery store the other day, and it was actually the inspiration for my color scheme. I always loved it when I was a kid, so I was excited to introduce Max to the fun, colorful taste of Tampico.

Tampico Label

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