DIY Harry Potter Remembrall

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This might be the quickest craft project I've ever done! For all those times I've wished a Harry Potter Remembrall was a real thing, this just might do the trick! I've got two versions for you, one is a standalone ball, the other is an ornament that can grace your tree and help you remember all the great memories of the season.

DIY Harry Potter Remembrall Supplies

Harry Potter Remembrall supplies

Remembrall Instructions

  1. Use a grinder to cut the ornament hanger off the Snap Ball style, so it's a plain ball.
    Remembrall DIY Step 1
  2. Bunch up the tulle into the ball; shove it in the hole if you're using a solid ball, fit it into half if using the snap ball.
    Harry Potter Remembrall DIY Step 2
  3. Close the ball up, being careful not to catch any of the ribbon in the seam, or your midline ribbon will be lumpy!
    Remembrall DIY Step 3
  4. Glue gold ribbon to cover the seam, or around the middle of the solid ball.
    Harry Potter Remembrall DIY
  5. Replace the top hanger if using a solid ball, set aside to let the glue dry, and your Harry Potter Remembrall is done!

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