Gorgeous Harry Potter-inspired tattoos

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There are many ways to let people know what you love. Getting it tattooed onto your body is just one way. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has brought joy to many, and there are tons of amazing tattoos out there inspired by the series.

I've collected some of my favorites, and I'd love to hear about yours too! Do you have a fandom-inspired tattoo? What is it?

Not ready to commit to a real tattoo? How about a temporary one? Maybe you want Harry's lightning scar or a Dark Mark. These metallic HP tattoos are awesome too. Which ones do you want?

Harry Potter Tattoos

1. Sketch-style Platform 9 3/4

Source <a href=httpswwwinstagramcompBjxKg3TnDGq>Instagram<a>

2. Simple broom with Harry Potter icons

Source <a href=httpswwwinstagramcompBkXSjMZHFmy>Instagram<a>

3. A beautifully framed “Tale of the Three Brothers” piece

Source Instagram

4. Sweet and simple, Harry's glasses and lightning bolt scar

Source <a href=httpswwwinstagramcompBlS5aIgBwVU>Instagram<a>

5. A beautifully minimalist interpretation of the Deathly Hallows

Source <a href=httpswwwinstagramcompBlOQcADhxen>Instagram<a>

6. A monochromatic wand with wizarding images around it

Source <a href=httpswwwpinterestcompin645703665305607988>Pinterest<a>

7. A combination of Harry's owl, Hedwig, his Patronus, and the Deathly Hallows

Source <a href=httpswwwpinterestcompinAaJkxCFCrABbdoQW8WbP6ZeAO0otHetRg8JW6BPPM4vwVSK1NpSdeSs>Pinterest<a>

8. A cute little heart-shaped tribute to the Marauder's Map

Source <a href=httpswwwpinterestcompinAb1ho7vdjYHKUBPe0SLuszFpU8JndQJi Oib8GjAMEIH7zsQxH2Ony4>Pinterest<a>

9. Hogwarts in a snowglobe with Dementors

Source <a href=httpswwwpinterestcompinAThzDb8VS4l6sna4vG60Ii j5pTxDpCW8gZZx4yB8fVtQbA9xCRenp4>Pinterest<a>

10. A simple little line art Hogwarts

Source <a href=httpswwwpinterestcompin391602130096951295>Pinterest<a>

11. An amazingly colored portrait of Dumbledore

Source <a href=httpswwwinstagramcompBx2brA1g7aC>Instagram<a>

12. A beautiful Van Gogh-feeling image of Hogwarts

Source <a href=httpswwwinstagramcompBx2GJvdijJc>Instagram<a>

13. Time travel is always a terrible idea, but this Time Turner is lovely.
(Check out our Harry Potter Time Turner that we made!)

Source <a href=httpswwwinstagramcompBx03SVpnG 0>Instagram<a>

14. Super colorful new style Polyjuice Potion

Source <a href=httpswwwinstagramcompBxy FOGA2As>Instagram<a>

15. An incredible watercolor style bottle of Felix Felices potion

Source <a href=httpswwwinstagramcompBxzLpm6oluu>Instagram<a>

16. The Elder Wand with related images swirling around

Source <a href=httpswwwinstagramcompBxyPGbLJ Gu>Instagram<a>

17. All four houses of Hogwarts are represented on this one!

Source <a href=httpswwwinstagramcompBxx4rhLnaVQ>Instagram<a>

18. The mermaids that live in the lake are a little different from the traditional merperson, but so cool!

Source <a href=httpswwwinstagramcompBxxXsK huWG>Instagram<a>

19. A spell for protection, along with the Deathly Hallows

Source <a href=httpswwwinstagramcompBxxHAdDnELz>Instagram<a>

20. A midnight train going anywhere, or the Hogwarts Express? Do you really have to ask?

Source <a href=httpswwwinstagramcompBxu3QzkBQJG>Instagram<a>

21. A lovely 2-color wand with sketched Deathly Hallows


22. A colorful rendering of the Tale of the Three Brothers

Source <a href=httpswwwinstagramcompBxuac1oB9T9>Instagram<a>

23. Griffyndor colors and the Deathly Hallows. You really can't go wrong!

Source <a href=httpskatbaloggercom>Kat Balog<a>

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