Happy Un-Birthday to Max!

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Today, Max is zero.

If all had gone “according to plan” I might be in labor right now, or home with my day or so old son, or sitting at home bemoaning being past-due and uncomfortable in the heat.

Instead, I woke up early to deliver cupcakes to the nurses who have been caring for our boy for almost 3 months. I stopped by to give him a kiss and a cuddle and make sure everyone knows that today is Max's due date.

Today, the weight of the last 12 weeks is really weighing on me. Until now, I didn't realize just how early he was… so much has happened since he was born!

We're sad he isn't home with us yet, but know that he'll join us soon enough… for GOOD!

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  1. Saw your blog link on 2peas. I went back and looked at your baby from when he was born to more recent pictures and boy has he grown. How wonderful!!! COngrats! I have 2 boys and boy are they so loving and silly sometimes. Love your blog.

  2. It’s all good, the family needed an April Birthday to help round out a years worth of celebrations.
    All we are missing is November…Katie???
    We are so happy that Max is here and growing everyday! Love
    Nana & Papa

  3. It’s okay for you to grieve what you missed. It hasn’t been easy on you and your family. Hang in there. -Heather

  4. Happy Happy un-Birthday, Max!! You sure have come a long way and yippee for all that you have grown and stregthened!! Can’t wait to meet you!!

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