Happy, Happy, Happy Happy Halloween!

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I was pretty disappointed that we ended up having to resort to a store-bought costume for Max. We'd set the bar pretty high in year past (I think) with homemade, funny costumes. We had planned for him to be The Stig from Top Gear, but the reality of finding an all-white sweatsuit AND helmet in a 3T caused a last minute change in plans and a quick run to the Halloween store.

So, pirate it was.

Once we got past the whole, “I don't wanna be a pirate! I just wanna be Max, just how I am!” tantrum and fits that went with it, he was on board with the whole deal. (Read: “Hey Max. No costume, no candy. Got it?” :))

Determined to get our money's worth out of this overpriced polyester ensemble, we scheduled no less than THREE Halloween events and stuck in a fourth at the last minute!

Friday the 29th was trick or treating in downtown Walnut Creek with my sister, Jas and the girls.

Pirate Max scares aarghs off predators while Snow White and Tinkerbell look on, non-plussed.

We actually spent Saturday at a bounce house birthday party for Max's buddy Sara (her mom is my crazy-embracing friend, Janet) But that isn't Halloween-ie, so that's the only mention it gets here! 🙂 But oh good Lord, Max is addicted to bounce houses!

Sunday afternoon, we joined my parents and sister (and the usual crowd) at a Trunk or Treat event at a nearby church; it was my first time Trunk or Treating, and thought it was adorable! I could totally see Jamie and I getting really into that sort of thing…

We FINALLY got to the actual day on Monday… Jamie had had to do a quick repair to the neck seam of Max's top, and there's a hole in the knee and chocolate stains on the sleeves. All the more authentic, right?

So my phone rang early Monday morning, and it was Katie, inviting us to come see Faith's kindergarten parade. Never one to miss a chance to realize how old all of these kiddos are getting, Max and I headed over to Faith's school to watch the chaos festivities.

Jamie and I (and Max, duh) joined some of our oldest friends for actual Trick or Treating and dinner, which is always a blast, and I'm hoping it becomes a tradition in years to come! (Side note: Trick or Treating with a 2.5 year old is TOTALLY different from doing so with a 3.5 year old.)

We arrrr a very pirate-y family!

Now that Halloween is over (Max cried a little this morning when we told him he couldn't wear his costume to day care today), we're starting the Thanksgiving countdown! Tomorrow, Max and I are going to make a paper countdown chain so he can see how long it is until we go visit Grandpa and Bubba for Turkey Day!

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    1. I’m bummed you can’t see my awesome belt! It’s a huge wide leather thing with pouches on it… from my Ren Faire costume!

  1. You take fabulous photo’s my dear! and the family shot – aye aye!
    Quatro has been entered into the running 🙂
    Thanks for linking up to #BOO thoroughly enjoying meeting and greeting out in the blogosphere without candy sadly, but my *ss is thankful!

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