Happy Birthday, Me!

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As I'm pretty sure anyone who reads my blog knows, yesterday was my birthday.
It sucked that Jamie had to work (boo!) but my family stepped up to keep me entertained until he could join us in the afternoon.
We went to the parade, just like when Katie and I were kids, and then headed over to Pleasant Hill for a “Family Fun in the Park” thing… ate some BBQ, Faith and Katie went down a gigantic inflatable slide, we wandered around… it was nice!
We then headed back to Katie's to hang out and have dinner (Grilled steaks, potato salad and corn on the cob… All-American Barbecue dinner, with a special slice of tiramisu for me!) and then off to visit Max… he wasn't thrilled to have me take him out from under the lights so I could cuddle him a bit, but we made do and then we all (minus Nana and Papa… they pooped out early) headed to Concord for the fireworks.

Jason came up with a great spot at the mall to watch, and we all piled in the back of the Explorer, ate Dum Dums and Smarties and watched the show… Faith was a great sport and we had a blast (and were out of there with next to no traffic!)

Not to sound like a brat or anything, but I was totally spoiled this year… Jamie got me 2 tickets to see MADONNA in concert! It's on my list of 100 things to do before I die, so I'm way excited and Katie is equally thrilled to be my date come November. My parents gave me/us money to buy a new rug for the living room, and my dad gave me a gorgeous giraffe print wallet from Dooney and Burke.
The craziest thing (maybe) I got is from Grammy (although I haven't told her yet!)/Jamie/Max… a woodturning lathe! It's something that has fascinated me for a long, long time and I was so excited when Jamie said he'd be willing to share “his” garage with me to play! As soon as we got it set up I had to make something, so I turned this little bud vase… I gave it to my mom, but I need to remind her that I want it back if she decides she's tired of it. (*ahem*) I'm really excited to play with my new toy… I've got all sorts of ideas running rampant in my brain! My sis and Jas gave me a gift certificate for Borders, so I'll be buying a turning book to learn more about this new hobby… a word of warning to my family: Expect lots of pens and little vases for Christmas! 🙂

When we went to see Max yesterday, we were thrilled to discover that he had been sustaining on room air (21% oxygen) and a regular flow canula… smaller tubes! Yay! So he's been maintaining his full 60mL feeds with very little concern. He took all but 5mL from Kelly this morning and other than a spit-up episode with me this afternoon, he has been finishing his bottles… yet another step on the road that leads home! He'll get a chest x-ray and see a pulmonologist this week to see if we can't figure out exactly what's going on with the cough.

I snapped this pic of him today (you can see the smaller canula on his face) because I love this outfit that Tania sent, and I don't know how much longer it's going to fit! It's barely able to snap over his diaper, he's growing so much! We promised Max that people wouldn't laugh, and that he looks very rugged and masculine in this ensemble, so if you happen to talk to him, please don't say otherwise! 😉

That's all I've got for the holiday weekend… we'll be back on Thursday as always, unless something exciting happens between now and then! We love you all and thanks for thinking of us!

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  1. Happy Birthday Lizz! Glad to see all is going well for Max! Yay for being even closer to coming home to you and Jamie!!!

  2. Happy birthday Lizz! Wow – a lathe?! That is pretty cool! So glad Max is getting better every day! (I like the butt picture myself!)

  3. Good luck with the turning. You will find that you can quickly become obsessed with it. Look around your neighborhood and you will see more wood than you could ever imagine to use. From your picture, it looks like you may need to raise your lathe a bit higher. it will prevent a sore back, but whatever book you get should advise you on the proper height.
    Good luck, Chris

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