Happy Birthday, Me!

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This birthday was like many of the last 32… we woke up early, went to the Danville parade, saw Jason showing off his motor skills, ate too much food, watched fireworks…
How different this birthday was from last year… of course, there's the obvious stuff… I'm a year older, Katie is pregnant again, Faith is a sassy almost 3 year old… but the biggest thing, the most obvious thing, was the presence of Max at our celebrations!

Last year, we wedged a visit to the NICU in between the parade and the eating… we did the same thing this year, but it was to deliver Happy Birthday cookies to Kelly, who was stuck at work this year.

This year, Max waved his little American flag (Made in China? WTF?!) clapped wildly for our men and women in uniform, and smiled, cooed and drooled his way through the day. He loved the fireworks we watched at Kristin's house, oohing and aahing at all the appropriate moments.

As always, my family spoiled me rotten! Jamie got me a bike (which I technically got a couple of weeks ago) and Max got me a wicker basket to go on the front. My parents got Jamie and I a joint birthday gift of a roof rack for my car… we're *thisclose* to being one of those families that you see on the freeway on Friday afternoons, canoe and bikes on the roof, loaded up with camping equipment… those people that make you sign wistfully and think “They're going to have SO much FUN!”

So anyway, here are some photos!

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  1. Happy hapy Birthday, Liz!! So glad you had a great time and OMG…look at Max! He is growing super fast!!

    May all your wishes come true, you deserve them!! Big HUGS, girl!

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