Got my scrap on!

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I went to a crop tonight, for the first time in almost a year! Last time I went to a crop, I was so tired from being in the first trimester of my pregnancy that I left after only a couple of hours… I did some scrapping while Max was in the hospital, but until tonight, I'd only done ONE page since he came home.
My dialysis schedule is currently Mon, Wed, Fri, and my regular scrapping girls get together on Wed and Fri, so even though I've been ready (and Jamie has been ready!) to leave Max for a while, I haven't had a free night to get to it!
Thanks to the holidays making my dialysis schedule get swapped around, I had a free night tonight, so I actually got to go hang out with some of my old friends and get some pages done!
Not scrapping for FIVE MONTHS lets one have a lot of ideas! I sat down and cranked out EIGHT pages! That's almost a record for me (the record is 10 pages at a 9 hour crop… this was only six hours, so I guess it *is* a record! LOL)
Anyway, it was so great to be able to play again, and I really enjoyed it tons. Big thanks to Jamie for staying home with Max so I could have a girl's night!
And now, on to the pages!

Our Christmas card photos…

Fun with Max and a Santa suit!

An outtake from our Christmas card photos.
Journaling: OK, so we're not all in a row, with perfect camera-ready grins pasted on our faces. Heck, I'm not even looking at the camera! But I absolutely love this photo of us… like so much of our lives, it's a little off kilter, a little bit funny… it's perfectly us.

The first ever photo of Max with no breathing or feeding tubes, a couple of days before he came home.

Max “signing” us the sign for “I love you” while in the NICU.
Journaling: We had to take what we could get when it came to understanding Max's signals- anything to make us feel closer when we were so separated.

Max's Halloween costume; pretty self-explanatory!

A couple of pics from Max's homecoming. I've had this page pictured in my head for a while… it's pretty close to how I envisioned it, but I might make some adjustments, I don't know yet.

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  1. Wow – look at you getting back into your scrapping! They look great. LOVE the Christmas ornament. I found my boys’ornaments this year on Etsy too which reminds me I need to put the link on my blog!

  2. Hi! I lurk on 2peas and i read your blog regularly. Max is fabulous.

    Anyway, I saw the post about knitting hats for the NICU babes. I would like knit up some baby hats…my favorite project…and I only have one baby in the near future to knit for. You can email me at to give me the information.

    Thanks, Sarah

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